West Ham confirms cooperation with the police in arresting turbulent fans.

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West Ham insists it does not support violence of any kind. And ready to help the police fully in searching for the football fans who have committed the offence.

West Ham United beat Fiorentina 2-1 in the Europa Conference League final on Wednesday. It was the club’s first major trophy in 43 years. But it was marred by the actions of some groups of fans in the first half.

A group of Hammers fans throwing objects Come on the field every time Cristiano Biraghi takes a corner kick. Until finally, a solid object flew and hit his head. Until the captain of the Fiorentina team got blood

West Ham condemned the violent behavior of this group of fans. Ready to confirm that he will help the police to find him and punish him. both civil law and club rules UFABET 

“There is no room in football for these actions.” said.

“According to our anti-violence guidelines Anyone identified will be handed over to the police. will be banned indefinitely Unable to enter the London Stadium and cannot travel with the club.

Also before the game started there was a clash between the two teams’ fans. While some West Ham fans were drinking at the bar. But he was attacked by a group of men in black who are believed to be Italian fans. Until there was a big commotion causing the riot police to take control of the situation. And arrested more than 30 problematic football fans together