Reveals ‘Flick’ is starting to prepare to take on the Barca job.

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Reports have revealed that German head coach Hansi Flick has begun the preparation process to take over as manager at Barcelona this summer.

Since the announcement of Xavi Hernandez’s departure from the managerial position. With Barcelona this summer. There are many names of managers who have been link with the position of boss of the Catalan team. Jurgen Klopp, Antonio Conte and Michel are all names of the managers who have been link with the job. Barcelona, ​​but the favorite who is expect to take over from Xavi is Hansi Flick. Former head coach of the German national team and Bayern Munich, ufabet

according to previous reports from the FA. Brisio Romano has confirmed that Flick wants to take over as manager of Barcelona,

​​while the latest report from SPORT has updated the German manager’s information with the Catalan giants and revealed that Flick Flick is looking forward to joining Barcelona.

Flick is also looking for a team of people who can speak both German and Spanish. He is considering bringing in Oscar Corrosiano and Christian Fiel to be part of his staff at Barca.

Earlier this month, it was of course revealed in the media. That Flick was learning to speak Spanish. Hopeful of impressing the powers that be at Barcelona. In the case of talks being opened between the parties.