Manchester United set to terminate Ronaldo

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Manchester United set to terminate Ronaldo contract if investigation finds wrongdoing.

Manchester United set to terminate Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract. After he made negative comments about the club on Pears More Axis.

The report states that at this time, the Red Devils are considering ways to use legal proceedings to sue the 37-year-old striker for breach of contract, and if found guilty, they have the right to terminate the contract at More than 6 months left immediately

United released a statement on Friday evening about Ronaldo’s interview. Which aired its final episode on Thursday. They said they were aware of everything and “Proper procedure has begun” has check .

For the law that the Red Devils team is considering. It is in the clause of a contract in the Premier League That Ronaldo and all his players must sign. Before being allow to play in the English top flight.

The contract states that all employees “oblige to perform and comply with the lawful instructions of the officials authorize by the Club” and are not permitted to “Write or say things that could cause the Club to discredit or cause damage to the Club.”

Therefore if there is an investigation and found. That what Ronaldo did was a real breach of contract. The club has the right to terminate the remaining contract immediately.