Friendship between two Arsenal legends, Arteta – Cazorla

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Friendship between two Arsenal legends, Arteta – Cazorla.

Santi Cazorla (37 years, contract until mid-2023) is still enjoying the life of professional football that he has regained. And it’s unbelievable that it’s Arsenal four years since returning from a series of surgeries. That almost forced him to retire from professional football.

One of the “movie wizards” of Spanish football. Played football towards the end of his career with Al Sadd in Qatar. The country is set to officially host the 2022 World Cup next week. Santi will certainly celebrate his 38th birthday. While the World Cup is in progress. 

Back at the end of 2016 in a game at Arsenal. Home to Ludogorets in the Champions League group stage was his last game before injury came calling for him. And started off with a hamstring injury. That required 10 surgeries. Including a surgically-induce ankle infection that nearly cost him his ankle. Finally, he was able to return by losing some muscles and skin on his arm to transplanted into his ankle. and can return to play football again On the day.

That the medical team had state. That He should be glad if he could still walk. But today he is still a professional player, and in 2022 he still regrets his time at Arsenal. In which he had seven years with the team in such a way Arteta that in his last season with the team he did not play a single minute. And that’s a “bad finish” for him. Who is one of the club’s favorites with his great performance.

At 37, approaching 38 years of age, it wouldn’t be a surprise to hear news of his retirement from football. Or announcing his work in football as a behind-the-scenes man, which Santi confirmed to the British media like the Daily Mail, who had the opportunity to interview him. That He had begun to think about a new chapter in his life. As previously reported, Cazorla will return to Arsenal. To work with Mikel Arteta, one of his close friends in the industry. But everything is still nothing more than that. Besides that he always misses Arsenal. And of course, the relationship between the two is still great.

“I’m starting to think about my new roles. But I still don’t know if I’m going to coach. Assistant coach or a sporting director or what, I’m just thinking about it. My dream is still to play more with Arsenal. playing with the team for many more years. I still find the opportunity to sit and watch team games and of course I want to go back there. Waiting for that one day if the club still misses me and think that I have the ability to help the team such as coaching or sports director.

In addition, Cazorla also spoke about the moment. Commentary on Arsenal and Villarreal The two clubs where he spent the most time playing football. Both teams have gone through a series of transformational periods in the squad, especially Arsenal. Where he scored a stunning goal in the 2014 FA Cup final. That saw the club return to a deadly streak over Hull. City 3-2 in the Championship

“It was the best moment of my life. I love this club, love everything and I am saddened to leave with Arsene Wenger in 2018. I am very saddened to see him leave. But it’s part of life. Maybe we need a change. and for Arsene Maybe it’s time to stop. I will never forget that I had to have my first major operation. “You get a new contract for one more year. to encourage concentrate on rehabilitation.” That’s what I always remember. Even when I was struggling to keep him and Mikel was always there to support me Arteta.

If the rising sun means a new morning. Being a professional player of Santi Cazorla, a professional football player at the age of 37, nearing 38 years, continues. Although soon an eternal change would befall him. just when it will be