Recommended 5 baccarat cards to Card Formula

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Recommended 5 baccarat cards to Card Formula.

  • Blue Dragon Formula  is to issue historical statistics of 4 or more consecutive prize draws (of the player’s side)  .
  • Red Dragon formula  is to issue historical statistics of 4 or more consecutive prize draws (of the banker’s side).  Banker
  • Ping- Pong formula  is to issue lottery results. Whether on the banker’s side and the player’s side. Will switch every time It’s call ping-pong formula. It must be note in the alternating prize draw. The blue side and the red side, that’s it.
  • Tank  formula is a formula. If red is the banker’s side. It must be issue 2 times. The blue on the player’s side will be issue 2 times as well. It must alternate.
  • The blue triangle formula  is observing this formula will produce a reward. In the banker’s side, only 1 eye and the playing side 2 eyes will switch back and forth.

A form of winning baccarat card games easily if you come to study and learn techniques for playing baccarat card games and using formulas. Suitable for new players with a modern style as a technique. That can make money, make a profit and have a hundred percent accuracy for you to recommend formula to apply that you can follow.

Manage your fun. Before you start playing.  

 Form of capital management. To be divide into 2-3 piles to avoid confusion. per bet And to pay should be separate separately as to take the money to play. That can play day by day. Or arrange money into proportions and make profits. Should keep the capital that you Played for the first time and brought profit to the balance. If playing loss should stop playing immediately. and find an opportunity to play the next day. But can play no matter. Where with UFABET

  • Beat Baccarat by reading the cards

Winning card game with a card-reading style. Which is easy if you learn the strategy. Come to learn how to use the formula and techniques. To read the cards for you to play more comfortably is a good trick that you can learn easily and can try to play in a variety of ways. In reading the cards that can beat the game of Baccarat and believe that it will definitely make you money.