Tricks for choosing pineapples that are sweet and How to peel easy to follow

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Pineapples is another delicious fruit. sweet and sour Or some varieties of pineapples are sweet and juicy. The more you eat it while it’s chilled, the happier you’ll be. Moreover, pineapple also has many benefits. But pineapple is a fruit that is notoriously difficult to peel. Especially the eyes of pineapple are a big obstacle in peeling. But we have an easy way to peel pineapple to eat. Without having to cut your eyes Plus it’s fast within 1 minute.

Tricks for choosing pineapples that are sweet, juicy, delicious, and not sour and bite your tongue !

Select through touch

  • When lifted, it has weight, although it is not large, meaning the pineapple is juicy and has a lot of water.
  • When flipped, the pineapple makes a popping sound, like a soft object, indicating that the flesh is juicy, sweet, and delicious.
  • When using your hand to press onto the outer surface will have a feeling A little softer But not too soft until you press it and it has a dent.
  • When you try plucking pineapple leaves, if they’re ready to eat, you can pluck the leaves. Without having to exert much effort, but vice versa, ufabet, if the leaves come off too easily, it means that the leaves are rotten.

choose through smell

  • Ripe pineapple to eat The taste is sweet and juicy. When smelled, there will be a sweet aroma that penetrates the skin. But if there’s no smell, it means it’s not ripe yet.
  • Rotten pineapple There will be a sour smell. similar to fermented food.

Choose through looking outside

  • Stem and leaves of a good pineapple It should have green leaves. It should not look withered or dark brown.
  • Avoid pineapples with wrinkled skin and leaves. The skin is reddish-brown, has cracks, or is moldy.
  • Choose pineapples that have narrow, wide, and flat buds on the outer surface of the same size.

How to peel pineapple for easy eating Without having to cut your eyes

1. Wash the pineapple by washing the outer shell with a sponge first.
2. Cut off the head of the pineapple. and the back end removed
3. Place the pineapple vertically. Then cut the pineapple in half.
4. When you have 2 parts of pineapple, take out the pineapple and do it one section at a time.
5. Turn the pineapple upside down. Then cut the pineapple along the eye line of the pineapple into pieces.
6. Then cut the pineapple along the eye slit on the other side.
7. When finished, take the pineapple out and eat it piece by piece conveniently.