The less you eat the better: false beliefs about eating to lose weight.

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When talking about lose weight, the first thing that most people think of is reducing food, eating less, to reduce the calories that go into the body. Some people eat very little at each meal. Or some people may skip dinner altogether. These are misunderstandings.

It seems like eating less doesn’t have a fixed measure or criterion for how little this must be. If your body uses 2000 calories per day, is eating just 1800 calories not enough? Or do you have to eat only 1500 calories when many people have this understanding? It is assum that if you eat very less, that is, only about 500 calories per day, or a maximum of no more than 1000 calories, you will slim down faster! Therefore, ทางเข้า ufabet, there are quite a few people who resort to overdoing it by limiting their intake to a very small amount by calculating their calorie intake to the minimum. In the hope that the body will turn to extract more energy from stored fat, you will see the result that you will become thinner quickly.

But what you’re doing might be call fasting in order to get less energy into the body. Some people hardly eat anything at all. Because it is understood that when the body does not receive new energy It will take out the fat that has accumulat and use it as energy instead. This is a grave misunderstanding! Because in addition to not being able to lose weight sustainably There is also a risk of long-term health damage. Fasting made me thin a lot in the beginning. But when the body has adjusted There is a very high chance that you will become fatter than before. Or what is known as It’s the “yo-yo effect”.

To lose weight, we should still eat three complete meals, but change the proportion of nutrients instead. Such as adding more protein and reducing the amount of fat. Reduce flour and sugar If you want to eat carbohydrates You should choose a complex model. Because they are high in fiber, they are digest slowly and keep your stomach full for a long time, such as brown rice. Whole wheat bread, and sweet potatoes, etc.

Therefore, we should not fast or eat too little food. But you should choose good food and Calculate the right calories Just this will make us lose weight more happily.