Does Water Fasting really help you lose weight?

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Water fasting is a method of losing weight by fasting and eating only water. Causes rapid weight loss But there are other risks, such as dizziness, fatigue, and low blood pressure problems. 

Water fasting is one of the fastest ways to lose weight that has been talk about for a long time. But because of the difficulty in losing weight this way Makes drinking water lose weight It is not as popular as IF for medical purposes. Water fasting is consider a very risky method of losing weight. And you should study the procedures carefully before deciding to do it. Drinking water to lose weight is divid into two periods: doing a water fast and doing a post fest. Water fasting has 2 phases. It is fasting for 24-72 hours and controlling food after fasting (drinking only water during the fasting period).

Water fast (24-72 hours): Water fast is the period in which we do all types of fasting for 24-72 hours. During the period, it is ยูฟ่าเบท recommend to drink a lot of water. Most of the time, the amount of water drunk will be 2-3 liters per day to tolerate the amount of water from Missing food because more than 20-30% of the water in the body comes from the food eaten. Therefore, if everyone wants to lose weight this way. Therefore, you must drink more water than usual. During Water Fast, you may feel dizzy or have blurred vision. If anyone has to drive regularly Doctors do not recommend this method of losing weight. Because an accident may occur. Therefore, you must be very careful about this matter.

Post fast (1-3 days):  For this period is the second phase for fasting during days 1-3 after fasting. You should avoid heavy meals or foods that are difficult to digest. This is because our stomach has not been fed for many hours. Therefore, there is a chance of problems with gastric distension, colic, acid reflux , and indigestion. Therefore, during the post fast period, the recommends eating mainly soft foods, such as Greek yogurt, fruit, egg dishes, and fish, etc.

Water Fasting is another way to lose weight that is not dangerous. If done in the right amount of time In this way, hormones in the body will be stimulat to cause better metabolism.

In addition, when the body does not receive any food or drink other than water. The body will not receive energy from carbohydrates. and remember to use fat as the main source of energy instead It’s call ketosis. This will help in breaking down fat and reducing weight. 

Advantages of Water Fasting as follows:

  • Lose weight very quickly
  • Reduces blood pressure well
  • Helps eliminate toxins in the body
  • Delay aging
  • Reduce the risk of developing chronic or serious diseases.

Disadvantages of Water Fasting as well:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • easily fatigued
  • constant mood swings